Monday, January 14, 2013

A Really Long Facebook Status Update

I was going to put this on Facebook as a status update, but for whatever reason it is way too long.  So here it is, my incredibly short blogpost in lieu of a status update.

Please pray for me this morning.  I have anxiety issues which are just a bucket of laughs to deal with, but lately they have been rough.  A lot of it is work related and work is now a new level of hell for me.  As in I have developed a phobia of the hallways at work.  Seriously, I start to hyperventilate just walking down them.  I sob and beg Josh to not make me go back every Sunday night.  Yeah.  It stinks.  I had barely made it in the gate this morning before I started having a massive panic attack.  So here I sit, at my desk, trying to breathe, but mostly just hyperventilating.  The lack of oxygen to make brain is making me super dizzy, so I actually can’t get up because I’ll pass out.  Fortunately I have some big gun anxiety pills in my purse and they will (crossing my fingers) kick in shortly.  Until then, or even afterward, pray I don’t pass out and that the anxiety about work tunes down a notch or twenty.  I’ll be the person hiding in the bathroom crying.  Anxiety party in the bathroom!

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