Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

It's a low key Halloween. I was supposed to go to a Halloween party, but I managed to TRIPLE book tonight and then one by one all my obligations canceled.  Haha.  Now I'm sitting at home watching M*A*S*H and handing out candy.  Some super cute kids have already come by.  One was Gumby.  I don't think he was old enough to even remember Gumby which made me feel sad, but it was still a cute costume.  

I carved my first pumpkin this year.  Before you raise the outcry that I was deprived as a child, I had pumpkins, but my Dad carved them.  We would have a planning session a few days in advance and draw out what I wanted and then he would carve it. I did have to get all the gunk out though.  This year I carved, though when Josh heard about my childhood he offered to carve lol.  Sweetie.  I actually drew out my own template!  This is nothing short of amazing because I am basically only capable of drawing stick figures and even they aren't straight.  I drew then carved Elphaba from Wicked (the musical).  Josh says no one will get it, but I say poo poo on them cause I like it!

Also there are Halloween Oreos.  Holiday Oreos are the best because they have more filling than normal but not as much as double stuffed.  They are 1.5x stuffed.

I have to go check the door for the umpteenth time.  The doorbell doesn't work and even though I taped it, people keep trying to ring it.  Tomorrow starts NaBloPoMo so I will actually be blogging regularly (shocking I know) so check back if you so desire.  I hope you do :)

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  1. I SEE IT! I can see Elphaba now that I can look at the stencil AND the pumpkin. Before I was just nodding politely, because that is what Moms do. Great job!