Saturday, October 13, 2012

A New Happy Place

Yesterday I was off all day to hang out with Josh.  He's on fall break and we actually got to see each other without tons of homework getting in the way.  We ran a lot of errands that needed to be done.  We had to run to the mall to get my ring cleaned and inspected (If you aren't already or engaged or married, here is a piece of advice, for free, from me to you, get the package on your ring that lets you get twice yearly inspections as well as free sizing and coating.  I've already used it.  If nothing else, it's nice to get it freshly scrubbed and inspected for any loose fittings twice a year).  While we were killing time we went into Sear's and saw this sign.

If you didn't immediately see the issue, allow me to point it out.  Was $0, Clearance $ I don't shop nearly as well as my momma, but I do understand the concept of clearance.  Obviously, Sear's does not.  Part of the greatness of clearance is how good you feel about yourself for finding the deal, this just makes you feel worse-er about how much money you spent.

Then I got a wonderful Pumpkin Spice Frappucino.  My taste buds stood up and danced.  Then they sang.  Then they did a lovely number that was worthy of a Broadway show, there were feather headdresses involved.  It was glorious.

Finally, the big thrill of the day, Josh and I went to Yoder's Country Market.  It's this Amish market that has Everything, and I do mean everything.  I made a framed picture so I didn't inundate you with all kinds of food pictures.  Clockwise:  little marshmallows, and not just any little marshmallows but the kind from Lucky Charms, every kid wanted a full bowl of those as a kid and now they can have them; shelves and shelves of flour and ground grains, I would never have to grind my own wheat again; chocolate wafers, they should be easier to melt down for toppings than chocolate chips; dried fruits, tons of different kinds, even weird stuff like cantaloupe and star fruit; finally old fashioned candies, nearly two whole aisles of it.  Basically it all made me very happy.  Also, there was homemade butter.  Oh my goodness but it is good.  Josh says it isn't any different and I suppose you can't completely deny the possibility of a placebo effect, but I think it is different and I know it spreads differently.

They also have a big deli counter with fresh deli meats and cheeses.  Oh the cheeses.  So many choices.  They make huge sandwiches.  Despite the way this picture looks, the sandwich takes two hands to hold it is so big.  Homemade sourdough, tons of cheese, fresh pickles-like not at all like Vlasic, but really fresh-all this $3.25.  Let that sink in.  This is way better than a Subway sandwich and cheaper!  They have cute little benches outside to sit and eat at and that is worth something too.

It was a good day.  I smiled a lot.  I think Yoder's is a new happy place, right up there with Barnes and Noble.  Then I fell asleep in the car.  Naps are a great way to end a day.  We to AdventureCon today and I will try to blog about it tomorrow!  Hope your weekend has been great!

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