Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Random Things That Make Up My Life

So I have had three random thoughts for blog posts but I never managed to get time to post, so here are all three in one.

1.  Josh and I went to the drive-in on Saturday.  I really love the drive-in.  It is leaps and bounds better than going to the theater.  It was a double feature:  Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Captain America.  Planet of the Apes was surprisingly good.  I didn't think the previews looked good but it was.  I was way disappointed by Captain America. I love a good superhero movie and the previews looked amazing and then there was the let down.  Now obviously superhero movies aren't true, but really?  Steve Rodgers was taking on a crazy demon looking man and a ton of his cronies with only that shield?  Plus the bad guys had all these wild super advanced weapons and yet they Could Not hit one of the good guys with their blue laser guns.  Sigh.  Disappointment.  Here is Josh chillin' waiting on the movie to start.  This was before he made me put up the camera because I was taking too many pictures (hey, I had to kill time!)
He blinked but wouldn't let me retake it cause the flash was bright.  Haha.  Hahahaha

2.  Josh and I don't talk on the phone.  We just aren't phone people.  We only talk on the phone in a pinch.  I called today and his phone was echoing like crazy and it made me think of this story that you might enjoy.  I called Josh a few months after we got married and this is how it went.

S:  Hello.  It's me...Sierra...your wife.
J:  Hi.
S:  Hi, I was calling in regards to our weekend plans.  I sent you a facebook message with some details and wanted to see if you had made a decision?
J:  Oh.  No, I hadn't looked at it.
S:  Okay then, well let me know when you have decided on a plan and I will make reservations (we were going out of town).
J:  Okay.
S:  Goodbye.

Thirty seconds and completely stilted.  Really?  You would think we were total strangers.  I will barge into the bathroom when he is in the shower just to ask if he wants grape juice.  I will, teasingly, stick my feet under his nose and ask if they stink.  And yet when I get on the phone neither of us can think of a thing to say.  Hilarious.

3.  I made blueberry pork.  It was soo soo good.  I started with a recipe from Food Network, it had blueberries and mustard.  That was all I could remember so I made it up from there.  Then I realized I had the "wrong" kind of mustard so I just kept making it up.  Needless to say, Food Network will be calling any day now because it was yummy.  The picture doesn't it do it justice but Josh was standing over my shoulder while I was cooking so I couldn't get a picture until after he was full.

That's my life. I know you were riveted ;)

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