Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fair Is the Rose....Er....Cow

First, let me apologize for my long absence.  Josh and I have been house hunting and if you have ever house hunted yourself or know me then you could see where this would take up all of our time.  I have been a woman possessed.  I spend hours look at  Anyway, I hate houses.

Josh and I went to the fair.  I LOVE the fair!!  Even though we live in Tennessee, Josh and I aren't really country bumpkins.  I say this to explain why there is a picture of a cow.  When you are in a car they look so small, like a really big dog, you know Saint Bernard or something.  A cow is NOT a Saint Bernard!!  They are Huge-o-normous!

Then we saw a milking machine and I just about went into shock because I didn't ever really think that milking machines still being in use.  Somehow, in my mind, the cow just shot milk directly into the Mayfield container.  Yeah, that isn't the case.  We petted a calf, which by the way, is Still bigger than a Saint Bernard!

Then there were duckies.  Who doesn't love cute little duckies?!?

One of the very greatest parts of the fair is of course, the food.  We had a massive funnel cake.  We split it and we still couldn't finish it!

This is a cake.  Can you believe it?  I don't know what flavor I would expect from a turkey shaped cake but it is pretty darn cool!

Here are a couple of other fun shots from the fair.  We had a blast!   

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