Thursday, April 21, 2011

Things That Make Me Happy

Things have been rough at my apartment lately.  (Have you noticed that "apartment" doesn't flow as well as "house" in sentences?  People ask me all the time where my house is and then I have to explain that I don't really have a house just an apartment.  Random thought of the day...let's be honest...random thought of the hour.)  Back on topic.  I have been having killer headaches.  My depression meds are voided by other meds I'm on.  I'm just glum.  I have no reason to be.  Life around me is great!  I have the most loving, caring, wonderful husband on God's green earth.  I have a job that I like 4 days out of 5.  I have a great family; a super awesome mom who I am becoming just like, a dad with excellent advice, and a brother who still thinks his sister is cool enough to text!  Depression doesn't ask if you are at a good point in your life to cry all the time, it doesn't check the situation before it invites itself in, it just plops down at the table and feeds on your joy.  I'm tired of being sick with headaches and I'm sick of being tired from depression.  In honor of my sick and tiredness today I am listing the top ten little things in life that make my soul happy.  That deep down "I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart.  Where?"...(continues singing in head, I won't subject you to it, it's off key). 

In no order, I now present...

My Happy Little List :
1.  Bookstores.  I love 'em.  Can't get enough.  I can spend hours.  Sometimes I just walk and down the aisles just touching the binding on the books.  I love the smell.  Knowledge and paper and coffee all rolled into one nose filling scent.

2.  Chocolate.  Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, Easter bunnies, truffles, with peanuts, with chili pepper seasoning.  Any way I can get it (except white, yuck!). 

3.  Musicals on dvd.  I just bought Les Mis the 25th anniversary live concert edition.  I could watch it on repeat.  I turn up the volume and sing with everything I have inside me.  I laugh, I cry, it's magical.  I love ANY musical there is no wrong in musicals.

4.  Josh kissing the back of my neck while I cook.  Something about that just says home and comfort.  It's great.

5.  Dresses with tulle skirts.  Even though the tulle scratches your legs those are by far the cutest dresses.  They stand out just the right amount and make you want to twirl.  Add a pair of pretty white sandals and you are ready for a night out, substitute flip flops and you are casual enough for the beach.

6.  One specific park in Knoxville.  I Love this park.  It has a five mile walking trail lined with beautiful flowering trees.  It's right next to river and has Gorgeous houses on the other side.  I like to put in music and pray and walk and walk and walk and imagine I live in one of those dream houses.

7.  Hot chocolate and egg sandwiches on Sunday nights in the winter.  Dad doesn't cook to speak of but he will make this and it is sooooo good and we sit and talk as a family while we scald our tongues to such a degree we can't taste the sandwiches.  It's a good time.

8.  Having my hands rubbed.  Mom or Josh will sometimes rub my hands if I am having a panic attack or stressing and it is so calming.  It's just relaxing and since I use my hands all day long it is great on those tired muscles.  In all of about two minutes I start to drift off.

9.  The feeling on Saturday morning when you roll over and see the clock says 6:07 but you don't have to get up.  You pull the covers up to your chin turn over and go back to sleep til 8:30.

10.  Clearing up the kitchen while Josh starts to study in the living room.  I know I'm supposed to be all "I am woman, hear me roar.  I'm going to take the business world by storm. Yada yada yada."  I'm just not though.  There is no more fulfilling a feeling to me then knowing that my husband's tummy is full and that the laundry is the wash and that the kitchen is getting cleaner.  Success at work doesn't give me anywhere close to that peaceful, complete feeling.  I like being a wife and it's my number one priority.  It's what I feel best doing.  Especially if after starting the dishwasher I get to go watch a musical!

Tell me your "happies".  What makes your soul feel warm?


  1. I have same favorites that you have especially about the bookstores, dark chocolate, and dress with tulle! :D

    I have a lot that makes me happy. It will probably be over a zillion pages though! ;)

  2. when it is still winter, but the sun feels warm through the window anyway.

    and pink tulips!

  3. I'm so proud of you!!!!!!! In the midst of depression and headaches, you are choosing JOY!! I just know God is looking down on you with that happy Daddy smile and saying, "That's my girl!" I want to be just like you when I grow up!

    What makes me happy: My house in order, Kevin making music, Rachael laughing, emails from friends in my inbox, laying in my hammock reading a book and eating sunflower seeds, holding a baby, any baby, don't even have to really know the baby, just love to hold it and feel it mold to my body ... it just doesn't get any better than that!!

  4. The sun one I completely agree with! I love sitting there like a cat while it just gets under my skin and warms up my marrow.

  5. I wish I loved to clean my kitchen like you do lol. Its just one of those chores I hate to do but I do it. I think your giving me a new way to look at it though. If my hubby has a full tummy and everything else is done then why not clean the kitchen. Ive never looked at it that way.