Sunday, April 3, 2011

Intro and Dresses

Hi!  I am sooo excited that you are reading my blog.  You must be bored.  Or related to me.  It's not that I am truly that that fascinating.  I'm actually really normal but in this age of technology even the most normal of people get to be diva's in their own right by sharing those funny, embarrassing, day-to-day life events.  That and I have opinions, a Lot of opinions.  I call them soapboxes (are you seeing the connection to the blog title?  I thought so).  Now I get to share all my opinions with, well, everyone and anyone!  Let me start by saying opinions are like buttholes, everyone has them, you don't have to agree.  Disagreement is what makes a wonderfully democratic society!  And hey, I welcome your comments (I get really bored at work sometimes), dissenting or agreeing or just equally bored at your job lol!

Now that we're done with that, let's talk about one of my favorite topics:  dresses!  I have a TON of them.  Seriously.  My closet, well currently my parents attic, is a virtual Ross.  I can't wear dresses to work because acid spills on your legs are not such a happy thing.  I'm sitting here, on my couch, ready for church and what am I wearing you ask?  A pretty knee length swinging skirt reminiscent of the 50's?  A long maxi dress from this year's Old Navy collection?  No.  :(  It's cold.  It has been cold forever.  I am wearing cords.  This is not April attire in my opinion.  This is December attire.  I can all but hear the dresses calling to me from my parents house (and frequently my parents do call asking when all  my stuff is leaving their abode).  Soon it will be dress season.  I already have my Easter dress and I am way excited!  I may have to post a picture because I think it's precious!  Til then I better head to worship the Lord in these cords, sigh.  Maybe I'll pray for warm weather while I'm there.


  1. OK. So none of my post made it up except the smiley face.... 2nd try: Looking forward to reading more from your soapbox vantage point! And yes, post the pic of the dress! :)