Friday, December 20, 2013

So...I Guess We're Done?

Today Josh and I did the last of three IUIs. I was glad to get another try in, I wasn't sure it would work out to do another cycle. My doctor will only do a protocol for three cycles, so this would be the end of this protocol, but this is as far as Josh and I go now. We could go on to IVF with half ICSI, but we have prayed about it and don't feel that that is the way God's leading us.

It's the strangest thing, to be done. We've been on this path for two and a quarter years. I feel kind of liberated. It will be nice to not be tied to the calendar. It's bittersweet though. Of course, maybe this time will be The Time, but if not, it's okay because we will focus on the adoption. While I was laying on the table, trying to will myself to get pregnant, Josh said that this month we couldn't lose.  That's nice to hear, if we get pregnant-yay, if not, adoption time. Win/win

There's our fertility update, because I know you were Dying to know!

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