Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Job Recap

On Monday I started a new job and I want to tell you about it because...I like it!  I know, I was shocked too!  I am working as Customer Service Rep (still at Eastman). I was anxious to get a new position, but I was worried about talking to a lot of people because I am an introvert and this would be waaay out of my comfort zone. The job is a lot more taking orders, than listening to irate customers.

There are also two new friends! That is super exciting to me.  We are all three about the same age and we hired in at the same time so we are equally overwhelmed. The other women are also nice, but four of them are about to retire so I won't have time to get to know them well (talk about throwing you in the deep end when they are gone!).

Also, here is more goodness about this job, SHOES!!  In the lab I had to wear flat, closed toe, closed heel, non-permeable shoes. You can imagine with those requirements how attractive your options were. In this job, I can wear my long beloved high heels and I can also wear dresses. I love dresses and heels it makes me feel feminine and like I have a "grown-up" job. Now I know there are Tons of jobs that don't require nice outfits, but I associate that with "having arrived".

Of course, I have only just barely started so I may hate the job, but so far I am enjoying what I'll be doing (and what I'm wearing).

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  1. I am so glad you can wear your high heels :) I hope you continue to love your new job!!!