Sunday, September 4, 2011


My brain is a lovely bowl of jelly, jellified goo.  Today abc Family had the most amazing lineup on tv and I have watched and watched and watched.  

First up was Dirty Dancing.  Ahhhhh, Dirty Dancing.  This is most definitely one of my top five favorite movies of all time.  The chemistry=amazing.  

Best Scene:  Toss-up between the dance lessons montage and the final dance scene.  Patrick Swayze can sing "I've Had the Time of My Life" to me any day.  Well, he's dead so I guess not.  Poor guy.  His legacy (and legs and abs) live on in a pop culture phenomenon.

Best Song:  Is there even a contest?  Naturally, I’ve Had the Time of My Life.

Best Line:  "I know Johnny didn't take the wallet.  I know because he was  in his room all night.  And the reason I know is because I was with him."  Baby just totally laid it all on the line and told it all to protect Johnny.

Of course the best known "Nobody puts Baby in a corner" is also great.

I really wanted to skip church to finish watching Dirty Dancing, but I didn't figure that was a legit reason to miss.

Grease came on next.  I sang my heart out.  Like, belting out Hopelessly Devoted.  I’m sure the neighbors were impressed.

Best Scene:  Definitely when Sandy comes out in those great black pants (BTW, I really want some of those) and all the guys turn and look at her with their mouths hanging open.

Best Song:  There Are Worse Things I Could Do.  Rizzo is my favorite character.  She may have been a little loose, perhaps a bit crude, but I love her “I don’t care” attitude.  

Best Line:  “Tell me about, stud.”

Then it was Sunday afternoon nap time because Grease 2 was on and it paled in comparison to the original.  Sad.

After naptime there was Two Weeks Notice.  I love Sandra Bullock.  She has great comedic timing.  I mean, know people write her scripts but she is still darn funny.

Best Scene:  When Lucy makes the mad dash to the RV bathroom and the kids inside are scared and George is trying to make conversation.  Haha, oh funny funny.
Best Line: “In high school, Rick Beck took me parking. You know, parking?  And the whole time I talked about Nelson Mandela.  Don't know why I did that.”  Somehow I just identify with rambling on about, well, nothing, in what should be a touchy feeling situation.  Really, who can blame you!

Best Song:  Now, this is obviously not a musical, but it did have one really great song that introduced me to a new artist.  “The Nearness of You” by Norah Jones, it makes my heart swoon.

Fourth up was Sweet Home Alabama.  That girl had everything didn’t she?  Great job, two super good looking men willing to pledge their lives to her, and great hair.  Just about makes you sick, except that it is so entertaining.

Best Scene:  Melanie and Bobby Ray showing the guy around the Carmichael plantation all the while faking that Melanie grew up there, that there are ghosts and so on.  I love Bobby Ray.  He’s a hoot.

Best Line:  “What d’you wanna go and marry me for?  So I can kiss you anytime I want.”  Josh sometimes says that to me.  It makes my heart melt.  J

Best Song:  Hmm, there aren’t tons of songs in this besides Sweet Home Alabama and I’m not a big country fan.  I guess if I have to choose, I’d say “Keep Your Hand to Yourself” (It’s from the scene where Jake comes in on his plane and finds his house all redecorated).

I hope you caught the great movies too!  Shout out your fav. scenes/lines/songs!

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