Friday, June 26, 2015

We Survived!

We have been fortunate so far with Cordie's health.  She wasn't sick all winter, then a few weeks ago hit and it hit HARD.  Oh heaven help us.  I didn't know if we'd make it to the other side.  The whining guys, the constant "Uhhhhhhh" and only part of it was from Cordie!  We so busy in the trenches of bodily fluids every-freakin-where there was no time to blog.  So here are some cutesy little Cordie stories.

Cordie has learned to check for our response before proceeding with an action.  So she'll pick up an electrical cord and hold it up to her mouth and look up before biting down.  Occasionally she will actually stop if we tell her "no".  We're still working on that.  The other night Josh and I were talking and Cordie was in her bouncer.  She decided she was done and began to fuss.  We heard her, but were trying to finish the conversation.  She stopped fussing, looked at us, we looked back.  You could see the light bulb go on "They see me and Aren't Doing ANYTHING!"  Llama drama then proceeded.  She literally threw her head backwards and began to wail.  Her outrage was a teensy bit hilarious.  It pretty much looked like this:


We were walking, Cordie was in the stroller.  A man went to pull into his driveway and had his windows rolled down and music turned up.  Apparently she liked the song because she starting pumping one fist in the air and bouncing up and down in her stroller.  It was a combination of shaky her booty and riding a mechanical bull.  White girl can't dance.

Last night Cordie and I were playing a game on my phone.  You were supposed to identify Puppy's body parts.  She correctly picked out his nose and ears!!  She's a prodigy!  She'll be a world class surgeon!  Someone buy us a Doc McStuffins doctor bag.  Or...wait...possibly the screen is 3x5 and her odds of getting the right part were pretty high.  Well being a surgeon's overrated anyway.

Unfortunately the whining has not stopped since the sickness.  I could not figure it out.  I finally have.  She wants to walk.  Like desperately, consumingly, all she wants to do is walk. She understands there has to be momentum so she will fling her torso forward and drag her feet behind.  Mom got us a train table years ago when we first told her that we were trying to get pregnant.  I got it down for her because it is the exact right height for her to cruise on.  It's so cute that we finally got to use it!

Final story-When Cordie was feeling bad, I had her in the swing, getting sleepy before nap time.  When I went to get her she had twin tear tracks trailing down her cheeks.  She wasn't saying anything because her throat was hurting, but when I bent down, I could see her mouthing "dada dada dada".  Oh my gosh.  Broke my heart!  That little girl loves her daddy!

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