Thursday, March 14, 2013

Post Surgery Life

So it's been about 11 days or so since I last blogged.  I kept meaning to update you guys and tell you that I didn't die during surgery or anything, but then I kept getting distracted by things like naps and Mad Men.  I've been a real a go-getter these past few days.

Yeah, obviously I didn't die.  That's a plus.  I didn't hallucinate about demons so that was a big plus (also, if you just read this post, that is not a normal occurrence, just an anesthesia thing).  Thanks for the prayers!  They were definitely felt.  The anesthesia was still hard on me.  Shew, my body just does not like drugs at all.  I was thrashing around and having a general meltdown when I came out of it so the nurses kindly broke the rules and went and got Josh for me.  I could not for the life of me figure out where I was (normal) or who I was (not as normal).  I finally decided maybe I had just been born and thus did not have a name yet.  Then I thought, no kidding, "man, I have a Fabulous vocabulary for a newborn!".  The surgery wasn't until midafternoon and I had had no water so I was parched.  They brought me some water and I said "Water was one of God's better inventions.  And giraffes.  Giraffes were good too."  About five minutes later I started to figure things out and I looked up at Josh and said "Why did I say that, giraffes are nice, but they aren't my favorite animal, elephants are."  I was pretty nauseous and generally icky the rest of the night.  The soreness lingers on and on, but otherwise I am pretty okay.  I wasn't healing as quickly as the doctor thought I would so I got an extra week off work.  Oh darn!  Don't you just hate that? ;)

I have pictures of my diseased ovaries.  I have no idea why the doctor gave me a copy, but Josh says it is going to be this year's Christmas card since it will be our most expensive purchase this year.  I sent a picture of the picture to my brother and he about hurled up his toenails.  Haha, ah, gotta love sibling affection.  The doctor was very confident about the outcome of the surgery.  I did have stage 2+ endometriosis.  I had several places on my ovaries and a tiny bit of it in my right Fallopian tube, but it's all gone.  He says I have a 70-80% chance of getting pregnant in the next six months and if I don't then we will have to look into some bigger guns.  Still, the numbers are on our side.

All this week I've tried to cut back on the naps and get up and do some stuff.  Yesterday I cleaned out a closet.  Geez oh pete when did I accumulate this much stuff?  Do you want it?  You can have it.  Except for the diamond earrings I found.  No joke.  I asked Josh about them and he's all "oh yeah, I forgot about those, they're for you." and I'm going "how do you Forget about diamond earrings???"  Anyway, score!  I've also finished my spring wreath that was languishing and started work on a great big collage/gallery type thing for that wall I hate.  Because that was what was suggested and I listen to you guys (when you comment, which you should).

I have also watched an obscene amount of Mad Men.  This show is incredibly addicting!  Also, I want everything in Betty Draper Francis' closet.  Please and thank you.  The fifth season isn't on Netflix and I am DYING to know what happens.  It is dramatic and wonderful and subtle and smart and fashionable and you should watch it, but be warned that there is a lot of extramarital sex.  Lots and lots, seriously how did these people ever get anything accomplished when they weren't sexing or drinking?

So yeah, that's life.  I'm here.  I'll try to blog something funnier/wittier soon!  Here's a picture of my wreath too because I like it.

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  1. I seriously laughed at the pics of your ovaries. I can't wait to get a christmas card.