Thursday, August 13, 2015

Outtakes 2

 Today Cordie is ten months old.  Siiiigh.  I'm so not on board with this whole growing up thing.  Eight and nine months old have been my favorite ages so far.  She seems to learn something new every day and is so loving and active and happy and all these great things.  Don't try to tempt me with tales about how great it will be when she can talk to me or when she's potty trained.  I'm standing my ground that this is the best age.

All that said, getting the monthly photo was once again a challenge, so I thought I'd so some of the extras.  Someone remind me with baby #2 not to do very specific clothes, because you might not always have bright pink pants that fit or even white onesies.  I should have done nothing but a diaper. First time mom problems.
"Mom, why is my dress tucked into these pants?  Why are you mooing?  Why are you losing your mind over these pictures?"

 Her app causes temporary, but instant stillness.  It's magical. 

 "Sigh, yes I see you.  Can I get back to my game?" 

 Love that these pants are now capris.  Still fit in the waist though!

 This hair, guys.  This hair is out of control.  She needs to see Einstein's stylist.

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