Thursday, April 30, 2015

A "Onederful" Deal

 Today my friend Beverly and I hung out and went shopping.  We hit up several antique stores in search of teacups.  Cordie's first birthday party's them is going to be Alice in "Onederland" themed.  Isn't that cute?  I didn't come up with that, I saw it on Pinterest, but I SO wish I had!  I wanted to use the cups to decorate although I'm toying with the idea of serving cupcakes in them.  Get it, cup cakes?  My comedy is on a level of its own.  Lo the spoils of our day!

All the cups I had been finding were $5-12 each and I am just not going to pay that for decorations for a one year old's party.  The guy who ran this booth was going out of business so he said I could have 10 for $10.  I started gathering up cups and then he said, "Well, I'll throw in a teapot for free."  Great, let me grab a teapot.  Then Bev asked how much a vase was.  His response?  "Eh, just toss it in the box and take it."  Awesome.  Free!  I finally gathered everything up and he tossed in a pitcher shaped like a lemon for, once again, free!  Hooray!  All told we got ten cups, a teapot, a vase, and a pitcher for $10.  I added everything up once I got home and it would have been $127.95.  Oh yeah!!  Winning at life and party planning!

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