Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Adoption Update-Feb. 5th

Hello my lovelies!  Did you think I had dropped off the face of the planet?  The really horrible thing is that stuff happened all last month, but by the time I got home for going and doing and dealing with whatever was going on I was too tired to write.

Since I last blogged, movement has been made on the adoption front.  After we got our preliminary acceptance, we arranged an intake interview for the 13th.  It’s called an “interview”, but really it was just talking to our adoption counselors.  We have two, sort of.  Our main guy is located in Knoxville so we also have a contact locally who will do our individual and couple interviews soon (hopefully!).  At the intake interview were given “The Paperwork”, the most massive stack of detailed and invasive questions ever.  Infertility treatments are invasive by nature, but adoption is equally invasive, but in a different way.  Either way you go, you no longer have a shred of privacy when all is said and done.

Besides being long the paperwork is confusing.  They can ask “What is your name?” but they ask it in such a way that I am no longer sure what my name is!  The worst part is that it is emotionally exhausting.  This has pretty much been me for the past three weeks:

I feel super excited that we are working and making progress.  I feel anxious about whether we will be chosen by anyone.  I feel angry that we are having to go through so many personal inquiries from every angle when “natural” parents don’t have to prove they are fit in any way before birthing a child.  I feel frustrated by the reading. Then I cycle back to excited.

Oh the reading!  Guys.  There are no words.  Really.  I just finished reading a fiction book with an adoption subplot (a happy coincidence as I didn't know that was in the story when I started the book).  In the book there were three adopted kids, the middle one ended up being a psychopath who killed the other two and it was STILL more positive than the assigned adoption books I've been reading.  I’m not even kidding.

However, we have ALMOST plowed through.  If we work really really hard we could be done with all the paperwork we have by the end of this week!

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